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Premier Computer & IT Consultants

Established in 1997

Expertise in Application Software & Networking Systems

Bogineni Corporation is proud to offer you help with application software, e-commerce solutions, and networking systems. We take pride in offering long-term solutions that adapt to your growing business or help you upgrade or maintain a solution that is already in place.

Application Software Services

The consultants on our staff develop company-specific e-commerce solutions to perfectly meet your needs. Our services include complete application software projects based on SOA/SCA, object-oriented, client/server, distributed computer, and web technologies on UNIX or Windows™ platforms. We offer application software migration from one platform to another, such as Sun to IBM or IBM to HP.

Rely on us for functional, performance, capacity, and stress testing of application software through the development of test plans, creation of detailed test cases and test case execution, and third-party tools including customized tools to analyze test results.

If you don’t know what the right solution is for your business, we’ll recommend the best option for you. Our consultants know these application suites inside and out, and are even able to set up the applications, train your staff on proper use, and complete any repairs or maintenance that is required after installation.


Our Software Engineers Are Knowledgeable in:

• C • C# • C++ • Java • Javascript • Visual C++ • Visual Basic • Web Services

System Administration Services Available for:

• AIX • IBM • HP-UX • SUN Solaris • Windows


Networks & Systems

The experienced professionals on our staff are knowledgeable in designing wire lines and data network systems, conducting bottleneck analysis of existing networks and systems, and forecasting system and network upgrades based on projected traffic and services. System networking may seem daunting, but our trained IT engineers have years of experience setting up computer network systems for offices of all sizes.

Contact us for help with your networking solutions and application software.