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Premier Computer & IT Consultants

Established in 1997

Customized ASIC Design & App Development

At Bogineni Corporation we provide expertise in mobile computing, including app development. ASIC design services are also available.

ASIC & SoC Design

We have an excellent team of engineers who design and develop analog, digital, and mixed-signal application specific integrated circuit design, also known as ASIC design. They also offer System on Chip (SoC) services. This is for telecommunications companies and computer chip manufacturers. The engineers on our team are involved in all aspects of the project design and are able to start right away.

Mobile Computing Services

The experts on our staff offer application development services. This includes mobile computing for mobile and hand-held devices that meet industry-specific needs. We develop apps that are easily put in the app store.


Contact us to ask about our top-of-the-line work in ASIC design and app development.